Welcome to the GhazStation, my person website and blog. The writing here represents my ideas and my ideas only and doesn’t represent my employer.

I am interested in a few topics:

  • Technology, including software, new advances, the cloud, software architecture
  • Professional development, including how can millennials thrive in today’s workplace
  • Personal development, including self-improvement and self-discovery
  • Education, including how do we improve education programs before and after college

Would love to hear your opinion, shoot me an email with any thoughts


Why are you writing?

I enjoy writing. This website is a collection of my thoughts and ideas. I like to share to engage in discussions with others about topics I care about. I do not make money from my website, there are no ads. I write to challenge myself and to learn more.

I don’t like your opinions!

That’s okay, you don’t have to. I change my mind all the time. A post is an exemplification of my ideas and opinions at a certain time. I can be proven wrong and I will change my mind. I would like to engage in discussions and I really appreciate you sharing your opinion and telling me more about what you think.

Are you looking for contributors?

I am looking for people to help me if you are interested in doing this on the side. Specifically I would be interested in people who want to help with managing website design aspects, social media growth hacking and of course content contributors in any domain (I would like to add a lifestyle section to website – clothing, food, home, kitchen, living).

I like one of your ideas, how can I help?

If you like one of the ideas, talk to me. I can help set you up with other people who are interested in the idea. In the future I would like to set up a platform that will bring all those ideas to life (or test them and verify if they are failed ideas).

You are not using proper citations or giving credit

All pictures used on the website have open-licensces. The content itself is my own and I try to referracnce ideas that arenot my own. If you have a copyright issue, contact me directly using the Contact Form.